Brick Wall Breakout!

The 2020-2021 school year started virtually for my 7th graders. When we wrapped up the school year remotely last spring, and I was desperate to find lessons that required only the most basic of materials, I came across the video tutorial for this project on the Artsonia website. It hit all the right points: simple media, effective and rewarding techniques, and the ability to personalize the piece with a chosen collage element.

We watched the video together in our virtual “classroom”, and I also created a packet with step-by-step instructions. The video was the perfect starting point and introduction, and the packet allowed them to self pace through the lesson on their own at home. The students loved this assignment, especially the choice they had in selecting their collage element!

HERE IS THE INSTRUCTION PACKET:  Brick Wall Breakout packet

HERE IS THE VIDEO TUTORIAL by Middle School Art Teacher Rebecca Speech.

Feel Free to edit the packet to suit your remote learning needs, but if you adapt my materials, please credit me and when sharing pictures of the results.

Please also credit Rebecca Speech for her video inspiration and lesson idea.

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