Digital Mosaics

This digital art assignment was a winner with both my hybrid and remote students! This is easily doable as a fully remote lesson if students have a Google Drive account. Using the program “Google Draw”, we drew colored “tiles” over an image of our choosing, piecing them together much like how a traditional mosaic is an arrangement of stone or ceramic tiles. When we finished creating our digital tiles, we deleted the photo, leaving just our drawn segments. We added a colored background, either a solid color or a custom designed gradient. There are many tutorials online for how to do this technique. I had my students watch THIS ONE, by Janette Islas.

I supplemented their instruction with THIS PACKET, which had screenshots of how to set up their mosaic and of the different tool functions available in Google Draw. ( See below for a downloadable PDF version)

My 7th graders completely wowed me with the level of detail they achieved! What was also great was how I could see them working, in real time, on their projects. (If you have your students share the file with you, you can monitor their progress, help them with specific functions, and even see when their last edit was made!)

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