Radial Symmetry Name Designs

This highly satisfying lesson was perfect for remote learning, as it requires nothing more than a square piece of paper, a pencil, and coloring media such as Sharpies, markers, and Colored Pencils. Students folded their square into 1/8ths, then wrote their name in one triangular section. Using a window at home as a light table, they folded and traced the name design repeatedly until all 8 triangles were filled. The most interesting designs were revealed when students created overlap with some letters in their original triangle, and/or had some letters touch/go off the edges. (This resulted in shapes connecting in dynamic ways as the image repeated in both a mirrored and original format.)

Before coloring their design with their choice of colored pencils, markers, or both, students were encouraged to choose some areas to fill in solid black, which adds an element of strong contrast. The elements of radial symmetry should be preserved as students complete their color work.

Try it with your students using THIS INSTRUCTION PACKET.\

Here is a downloadable version:

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