The COVID-19 Meme Challenge!

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Social Media and the internet. Something all Middle Schoolers know a LOT about! This week’s remote learning assignment was to create a meme to humorously comment upon how life as we know it has changed, albeit temporarily. The catch: the image in the meme had to be a work of art from a world class museum. In some cases, students had a caption on mind and found an image that fit, and in other cases, a piece of art spoke to them and they added wording that was relevant to the assignment.

In the Instruction Packet I created, there are links to several regional and international museums as well as links to two free online “meme generators” with step by step instructions. Students uploaded their finished meme to our online bulletin board and also had to document the title of the art they chose, the date it was created, the artist, and the museum where they found it. We all enjoyed shared a good laugh, (well, virtually!)  at each other’s sense of humor.

HERE IS THE INSTRUCTION PACKET: Covid-19 Meme Instruction Packet

Feel Free to edit the packet to suit your remote learning needs, but if you adapt my materials, please credit me and when sharing pictures of the results.

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