Virtual Gallery Final Assignment

During normal times, my 7th graders’ art experience usually culminates with the making of a physical portfolio. The students take their collection of art home and are required, as a homework assignment, to reflect about their art experience by showing their parents each piece of work they created. Well, NOTHING was normal in 2020! Even though my Spring 2020 students never actually set foot in the art room, (We switched to remote learning just before they were due to start their twelve-week daily art cycle,) I still wanted them to have some sort of culminating art experience.

The idea to create a “virtual gallery” using Google Slides was expertly explained in this amazing video by a fellow art teacher in my Middle School Art Teachers Facebook Group, Bethany Thiele. I also created a written instructions packet to provide structure and guidance for the requirements I put forth for the kids.

This assignment has worked well for the Hybrid 2020-2021 school year, which employed both in-person and remote learning. The students loved creating these virtual galleries to showcase their favorite art projects, and even though the entire class was never together completely, physically, we were able to share these creative spaces through our online learning platform.


Feel Free to edit the packet to suit your remote learning needs, but if you adapt my instructional materials, please credit me, (Ursina Amsler,) and when sharing pictures of the results. 

Please also credit Bethany Thiele if you utilize her wonderful video tutorial.

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