Circular Nature Prints

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These large circular designs started with students using oil pastels to create a colored background in either a warm or cool color scheme. We chose from four different pastel-marking techniques when making this circle: Rays, Ripples, Criss-Cross and Free-Form Swirls

Next, we completed a series of observational drawings and turned our favorite drawing into a Styrofoam printing plate. We printed our image multiple times on our circle, again choosing from a variety of pattern techniques: Alignment, Radial Symmetry, Scattered, and Around-and-Around.

In addition to all these choices each student had to also thoughtfully select ink colors for printing: like-color schemes between the background and the printed shapes resulted in low contrast results, whereas  opposite color schemes, (such as warm colored inks against a cool colored background,) resulted in a high contrast effect.

During this project, students learned about contrast, warm and cool colors, balance, symmetry, design and also gained experiences with a variety of art materials and techniques such as pastels, printmaking, and observational drawing!

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