Doodle 4 Google Challenge

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“Doodle for Google” is a national contest open to school children in grades K-12. It challenges students to modify the existing search engine company’s logo along a certain theme. The 2012 theme was “If I could travel in time, I’d visit…”  Using a template of the traditional Google logo, students sketched their own unique design with pencil, then Sharpie pen. We added color with watercolor pencil. Students were required to significantly change or completely replace at least one letter, as well as incorporating design elements both in back of and in front of the letters. (These were not contest stiplulations, but ones I devised to help them think creatively about their design.)  They were also encouraged to utilize color blending, mixing, and layering techniques which I had them practice ahead of time with the watercolor pencils. This lesson introduced students to the concept of graphic design and how art can be applied in a commercial setting. Students had the option of submitting their work to the national contest! In 2011, one of my students was a Massachusetts State Finalist in the middle school division, (from over 100,000 national entries received!) Here’s hoping we have a winner this year!

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