Explosion Books! (Paste Paper Version)

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These small, square books “explode” into a series of square and triangular pages when you open them.  But… this lesson began as a mystery project! Before they even knew we were making books, students spent several days having fun making paste paper, (See “Paste Paper Masterpieces” under the “Student Work” tab.) After completing several paste paper examples, a sample explosion book was shown amidst cries of “ooh” and “ahh”, and students busily and excitedly set about cutting their paste papers up into a series of squares and triangles. Each student constructed their own book with precisely folded and assembled squares of black paper affixed between two paper-wrapped cardboard covers.The goal in filling the book was to arrange the colored pages in a way that suggested balance and unity, while also showcasing interesting sections of the original paste papers. Gold or Silver metallic pen was added as a final, unifying element to these whimsical books.

FOR MORE DETAILS ON HOW TO DO THIS PROJECT, WATCH MY TUTORIAL VIDEO HERE: https://amslerartroom.wordpress.com/student-work/explosion-book-video-tutorial/

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