One Point Perspective Optical Illusion Drawings

This lesson is simple but produces results that “wow”! It was a great in-school project during our year of Hybrid Learning. A packet with step-by-step written and visual instructions allowed my students independence to progress through the lesson at their own pace, and freed me up to work with the half of my class that were attending class remotely! Managing online and in-person students simultaneously during this pandemic year has been quite the challenge, so limiting direct instruction has been key to keeping my sanity intact and my students engaged. I saw this project in my Middle School Art Teachers Facebook Group and made my own version of the lesson. (Thanks to Paige Hellman, whose student work inspired me to try this with my kids!)

Here is a QUICK VIDEO you can watch by another art teacher, Kathryn Nichols. This was a great starting point for my students to get the basic idea of the project.

Here is the Google Slides version of MY INSTRUCTION PACKET

If you can’t access the link to the instruction packet, I have also attached a PDF version:

Have Fun trying this with your own students!

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