Op-Art Name Designs

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We work on a trimester system at my school, and I get a total of three different  seventh grade “teams” over the course of the year. At the beginning of each trimester, there are always about 125 new names to learn. For that reason, I like to start with a name project. This Op-Art one is particularly fun! We start by drawing the letters of our name in a block style, using pencil. It is important that the letters do not touch or overlap each other. We surround the name with stenciled shapes and designs, —I encourage the kids to plan thoughtfully and establish a theme to their pattern work. We then divide the picture into sections  using a grid, parallel lines, or even a web-like structure. Whatever frame style is chosen, it is this dividing structure which determines whether a section will become a WHITE background with black shapes, or a BLACK background with white shapes.  Though seemingly complex, the pattern is easy if the students have worked precisely and carefully with the pencil. (We use Sharpies for this black/white step.) As a final step, each student chose a single color of marker to help emphasize the name.

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