Endangered Species Drawings

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These interdisciplinary projects combined art and science. In  science class, students researched an endangered animal and created a mock flier to promote its protection. They explored factors such as the organism’s taxonomy, adaptations and characteristics, and its role in the food web. In art, students worked on black paper to create a chalk pastel drawing using a photograph of their endangered animal as reference.  A goal of the drawing was to recreate the colors and patterns observed in the photo as closely as possible. The raised line effect was created by applying a mixture of black tempera paint and Elmer’s glue with a squeeze bottle. Students used the research from their science flier to create a pattern of words in the background.  The position and pattern of the writing, as well as the choice of using an “accent” color to emphasize certain words, were individual choices. These luminous works were a great way for the students to take their science research to a new and even more artistic level!

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  1. Mrs. Paper
    Mar 03, 2020 @ 23:10:29

    Hi! I was wondering if you used gel pens for the background writing? Thank you.


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